The Wedding Cake Guide

The traditional wedding cake is typically frosted with white icing. However, there are new trends in the wedding cake world that take a step outside the norm.

First came the make-under, also known as the 'Naked Cake'. With its simple details and exposed layers, it became the perfect alternative for the nontraditional look many couples seek. With these cakes you get a cool rustic look while showing off the inside of your unique cake. For winter and fall weddings try adding seasonal fruits like apples, pears, persimmons, or even blood oranges. For summer weddings, berries work well.


The new trend for ultimate elegance are the 'Ruffled Cakes'. These cakes have subtle embellishments with all over sugar ruffles. The look is light and airy, and requires very little added detail. The ruffled cake can match a variety of themes, everything from avant-garde to country chic.


The latest move though, is to ditch the bare and go on an all-out make over. These cakes include pops of color, candy accents, and metallic garnishes. You can start small by trying them out at the bridal shower or bachelorette party. The 'Metallic Cake' is adaptable, and can be a good addition to stylized glam, art-deco, and old-Hollywood looks. Combine luxurious feels of gold embroidery with geometric shapes for a fresh and modern feel.

Adding a little is also an option with fine edible glitter. Much like pixie dust, a little sparkle is an alternative to the bold glitz, and can be added as a decorative sheen to your cake without overpowering the whole design.


Many weddings are featuring cakes decorated with beautiful designs reminiscent of the gorgeous wedding gowns. For example, the cakes feature pattern copies of the china pattern or the lace from the wedding gown. You get to decide what detail from your dress you’d like to highlight on your cake. From a few simple sugar-made buttons to ivory and white fondant lace appliqués wrapped around each tier, this type of cake is easily adapted to your unique wedding theme. Keep in mind that the key to pulling this trend off is in the color, and it works best with light hues and little contrast.

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