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4 wonderful DIY projects for flower girls

4 wonderful DIY projects for flower girls

The traditional flower girl petal toss is adorable, but not always efficient. Paying large sums for fresh petals to just be thrown on the ground isn't for everyone, and that's alright because there are other great flower girl accessories that are just as endearing.

1. "Here Comes The Bride" Sign

The flower girl's job is to welcome the bride as she walks down the aisle. With a sign you can stick to the classic or personalize it with a cute message.

flower girls DIY project

2. A Flower Ball/Pomanders

A great alternative to the petal toss, and still involves carrying flowers down the aisle.

Flower Ball Pomanders

3. A Lantern

Adds a nice touch of whimsy to your wedding, and will light up your flower girl's face.

4. A Wand

A cute and fun accessory to accompany your flower girl down the aisle, that will leave her feeling like a little fairy princess. Add flowers and ribbons or personalize it according to your wedding theme.


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