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Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

If you love the wonderland that is winter more than anything, and prefer the scenic views of snowy landscapes, rich warm colors, and sparkling lights, then a winter wedding is right up your alley! And if you're not, all the upcoming perks of planning a winter wedding will surely get you there.

Foremost is the budget friendliness of winter weddings. Whether it's the venue or decorations, both will be reasonably priced due to the season. Also because less brides will be competing for the same date as you, you'll have more options and more guests.

When it comes to the decorations you'll be able to get the fun, warm and rich feel without feeling like you're at just another holiday party. Pick and choose from a few seasonal decorative items like lush wreaths and ribbons, and mix it in with cinnamon sticks, red berries, evergreens, pine cones, cedar, or greenery.

For additional fun, winter weddings can serve hot beverages. Consider a hot cocoa bar before the ceremony, to keep your guests cozy and warm, or a signature hot cocktail like a hot cider or warm mulled wine.


With a great bouquet you can really take your wedding to the next level, and this is especially true for  winter weddings. Color palettes featuring burgundy, blush, or Marsala are great for highlighting the cold season while adding delicacy and sweetness to the decor. Red bouquets are the ultimate expression of passion, and are a favorite amongst winter weddings. Nature inspiration is heavily relied on from luscious organic bouquet to berry-filled ones. Curly willow, eucalyptus and pepper-berries are all seasonal and will add serious dimension to even the simplest bouquets.


As for the garments, well there is nothing more chic and elegant than a long sleeve wedding gown. The current trending themes for bridal gowns involve plunging necklines, lace,  off-the-shoulder designs, and velvet. Great for vintage and boho-chic styles.  


To top it all off, the season allows for great accessorization with jackets, shawls, or stylish coats. A great way to make your bridesmaids very happy at your winter wedding is by making sure they're warm enough, so dress them in floor-length dresses and cover them in snug  faux fur jacket.  

For additional winter wedding ideas come check out our ‘winter wedding ideas’ board on Pinterest.


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