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Trendy bridal headpieces

Trendy bridal headpieces

Bridal headpieces - the 4 best trends! 

Have you found the perfect wedding dress?  now it is time to add some great hair accessories.  You can add a stunning headpiece minimalist or extravagant, to achieve the perfect look!

We have selected 4 of the most trendy and beautiful ideas.


Hair Combs:

The most popular choice among many brides. Hair combs are flattering with an updo in the back or side of the head, but can also be worn with hair down and swept to the side in a 1930s style. Its the perfect match to a classic long veil.


Headband or Tiara:

A vintage-inspired classy look or a fancy crystal and pearls piece to match your wedding style. This  is a timeless accessory mainly because it looks great with any hair style and is so easy to wear. Creating a glamorous  look, or a natural boho style.


One of the hottest trends in wedding accessories are flowers. Rather on a pin or a headband, flowers are fun and festive. They are definitely a great choice for a spring summer wedding, for garden or backyard theme. The great thing about flowers are the fact you can match it to your bouquet.


Birdcage or Blusher:

If you choose to have a vintage style wedding, the birdcage is the perfect choice to complete your look. Choose a birdcage or a blusher that have been blinged up with swarovski crystals or a minimalist tulle style. You can wear the birdcage with any hair do.



Still looking for inspiration and ideas? Have a look at our Pinterest Bridal Accessories board.

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