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Why Are More Brides Going Ready-To-Wear?

Why Are More Brides Going Ready-To-Wear?

Why are more brides going ready-to-wear? The simple answer to that question is: because they can.


In the past several years, the ready-to-wear bridal wear market has exploded in popularity. It used to be that brides were basically stuck going the traditional route of a specialty bridal salon and spending an average of $1,700 on a dress. There simply weren’t a lot of other options – if any. And then came the internet and online shopping.


Online shopping let’s brides and bridesmaids shop for their wedding dresses right from the convenience of their home and with amazing results.


A strong trend sees couples getting creative with how they put their weddings together. This is after all the digital age. And brides don’t want to burden their bridesmaids with over-the-top expenses or the hassle of traveling for fittings.

That doesn’t mean brides want to compromise on style or fit or anything.



The ready-to-wear, smart bride wants the complete package. Stunning, sexy, style that fits perfectly and moves for comfort and celebrating. And she wants it all affordable.

Sheryll Raz Gold, Blush founder and designer, learned these things early on from brides and bridesmaids themselves. It’s not enough to be able to purchase an off-the-rack, ready-to-wear wedding dress, it has to work – without compromise.


Blush designs take their inspiration from the world of dance: beautiful intricate costumes that also give complete freedom of movement. Many of the materials used for Blush bridal and bridesmaid’s gowns come from professional dance world. These materials are extremely flattering, creating the perfect fit, comfort and movability.


It shouldn’t be forgotten that ready-to-wear doesn’t mean that dresses aren’t customized to the bride or bridesmaid. It though does mean the process is easier and less involved because of the design and materials. Easy enough that it usually all happens via online communication. For bridesmaids that aren’t all in the same location, what a relief the ready-to-wear, online option is!


For so long, brides and bridesmaids really didn’t have many options. Now, they’ve got more options, that are more convenient and affordable than ever. It’s about time and the trend is only growing. 


Photo credit: Israel Matson & Montana Lee Photography // Paloma Blanca Fine Art

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