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The pink power

The pink power

Our affection for the pink color, is no secret, the name we’ve thoughtfully chose for our brand is BLUSH, our favorite color and the first choice for all our designs. For us, it is the most significant color in the color palette. We adore pink for so many reasons, it is an optimistic color, representing happiness, kindness, innocence, and most importantly loooove which goes perfectly with the feelings we would like our designs to deliver. Highlighting the natural blush of the cheeks, it is a flattering color to all skin tones, illuminating our natural light, creating a vital, fierce and yet gentle look.


Pantone may have declared the greenery as the color of Spring- Summer 2017, but the pink shade has proven otherwise on the catwalks and the streets. Many interesting shades can be found in many fashion shouses this season such as the baby pink, rose pink, tumbler pink, dusty pink and our favorite, the blush pink :)


It seems it is a time for a pink revolution, and women deserve it!  We believe women are not to be objected to any boundaries, especially when it comes to color, we should not succumb to the predicaments of the monochrome but be free and inspired, and no better color to celebrate happiness, kindness, care and love but pink. Free from gender identification, with bad objectification reputation of clueless, barbie and such, pink has become playful and sophisticated, just as it originally meant to be.

Let us not forget that this color has so many wonderful connotations especially to our childhood and daydreaming, if we put more optimistic pink in the world and dream pink, maybe our dreams will come true, and this world will be a better place.


Along with being a personal wish this is the heart of our inspiration for the Spring- Summer 2017 collection. Influenced by ballerinas and china dolls many dresses this season are made with pink tulle and ballerina tops, wedding dresses with a hint of a pink shade, that are a hot trend this season, are also a whimsical add to Blushfashion wedding collection, and of course bridesmaids dresses that are so playful and sophisticated at the same time, for a fresh and shining look.  Mix and match it with other colors or go fully pink, we’re  inviting you take part in this love and lightness party.

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