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Happy Birthday Blushfashion

Happy Birthday Blushfashion

13 years ago, while pregnant with my first child, I had decided to finally follow my dream and open an independent fashion brand. I guess the pregnancy inspired me to do it despite the fears and concerns I have had.

I had quit my job and started planning a mini collection. I carefully designed the pieces and out to manufacture.

I waited and waited, and on the last month of my pregnancy, my beloved designs came to life. Dragging my huge belly around, I wondered from meeting to meeting at the top boutiques of my town, hoping they will like my designs. Gladly, the feedbacks were great and they all decided to give my new brand a chance. While receiving the good news I went into labor probably from all the excitement. 

When I gave birth to my eldest son, it felt like I was giving birth twice –my little baby boy and my new brand "BLUSH". Ever since then, it’s a double celebration.

Years have passed and my mini collection became a brand sold in over than 50 boutiques. And on 2012, we opened our first online shop on Etsy marketplace, which was also the first step to new connection with fashionistas from all over the world.

It was an important milestone in the fulfillment of my sweet dream. I had finally found my identity as a designer focusing on occasion wear, inspired by fairies and fairytales, emphasizing on leisure dresses, from soft lightweight fabrics, which are easy to wear at a reasonable price. Garments that can fit women of many shapes and size, and at the same time are trendy and fashionable.

I am excited to invite you to celebrate with me this weekend! and enjoy special discounts

Follow your dreams.

Sheryll ❤

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