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Garden Zone

Garden Zone

Garden Zone

It’s official! Spring has already arrived.

It inspires us to break the layers of winter and expose our inner self, our body and our skin.

This summer, 2017, is going to be unique. One of the most prominent trends you’ll see is the "Garden Zone".

This trend is characterized by green colors, in all its shades, and subtle hints of flowers, which naturally lays on the body.

The Garden Zone expresses our dreams to a world with values ​​that we would like to grow and blossom symbolically and imaginatively into sweet freshness. It represents a deep connection to nature, with a sense of belonging, as if we are all one large entity.

Comfort and ease, are an inseparable part of who we are, and of what we want to display.

We like to wear what is comfortable for us at any occasion, including a formal event.

We need to breathe in the dress we wear.

The predominant colors are all the beautiful shades of green (i.e. paradise green, kale, sage, forest green) embellished by flowering colors like roses and lilac.

Elements of subtle flowers, in a delicate lace patterns, drape on the body exposing just the right amount of skin and features of ruffles, like petals, come together to release our inner flower.

How exciting that spring has finally come, now we can feel and express our true inner selves.



Photos Credit - Inspiration Deco , Pantone  , Home Tree Atlas

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