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Hannah and Ryan’s Formal Wisconsin Wedding

Hannah and Ryan’s Formal Wisconsin Wedding

After only two years together, Hannah and Ryan wed in a beautiful church space in Eau Claire, Wisconsin - an homage to where the two met just a few years prior. 
Surrounded by a small wedding of 20 guests and adorned in a crisp, classic color palette of forest green, blush, and burnt orange - and Ryan adorned in his Army dress blues- the two said “I Do” surrounded by friends, family and faith! 
Sending love and light to Hannah and Ryan and wishing them an eternity of happiness. 
Read on for a more formal wedding day inspo! 
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Where are each of you from? How did you meet?
We are both from Eastern Wisconsin! We met at a church we had both recently started attending
How long were you in a relationship before you got engaged and married?
Before we were engaged we were together one year, and we were together 2 years before marriage!
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Where did your wedding take place?
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, at a local church space
Why did you choose your venue? 
It was beautiful, inexpensive, and exactly what we wanted!
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How many guests attended your wedding?
What was your wedding color palette?
Forrest green, navy blue, blush, and burnt orange
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What did your partner wear?
His Army dress blues! So handsome!
Did you make anything DIY?
Everything was DIY! All the decorations were from craft shops and thrift stores
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What kind of music was playing? Did you have a playlist?
Love songs that mean a lot to the both of us
What is your favorite memory from that day? 
My husbands face when he first saw me :)
What is one thing you wish you would have known when planning your wedding?
Take a deep breath. It will all work out, I promise.
What is your number one tip for building a happy relationship?
COMMUNICATE! Even when you think a conversation might result in a fight. Communication is essential.
Where did you go on your honeymoon? 
The Caribbean!
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