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John and Jordan’s Modern Bohemian Wedding

John and Jordan’s Modern Bohemian Wedding

All we can say is WOW! John and Jordan’s modern bohemian wedding is the stuff of BLUSH Bridal dreams. **Take note, brides!** 
Set in a rustic, industrial building on a stunning autumnal day, Jordan and John said “I Do” surrounded by 120 of their nearest and dearest in the most beautiful of ceremonies just three short years after meeting and falling in love. 
Jordan in a breathtaking customized Blush Woodland wedding dress, fur stole and handmade floral crown *swoon* and John in a playful printed top and dark burgundy suit - the couple were picture perfect for their special day! 
Read on for some Blush Bride wedding day inspo. And three cheers for John and Jordan - we wish you two lovebirds an eternity of love and laughter. 
boho wedding
Where are each of you from? How did you meet?
John is from Rumford, Rhode Island and Jordan is from Columbia, SC. We met in college at Clemson University working for the theatre on campus.
How long were you in a relationship before you got engaged and married?
We dated for almost 2 and a half years before we got engaged and were dating 3 years when we got married.
Where did your wedding take place?
We got married at Corpus Christi in Lexington, SC and had our reception at 701 Whaley in Columbia, SC.
boho wedding
Why did you choose your venue? 
We chose our venue because of the rustic, industrial feel. The walls are very distressed looking which well suited our rustic bohemian vibe.
Who designed your invitations and what was the inspiration behind it?
I designed and drew our invitations in photoshop. I wanted something unique and personal. We both love flowers and I drew them myself, and we like modern/minimal designs so I followed that design route.
How many guests attended your wedding?
We had about 120 people on the day of, though we planned for 200 before the pandemic.
boho wedding theme
Did your wedding have a theme?
Our wedding theme was modern bohemian.
boho wedding blog
What was your wedding color palette?
Our wedding color pallet was warm desert tones and neutrals.
bohemian wedding
What dress did you wear ?
I wore my own version of Blush Fashion's Woodland wedding dress. I designed it with a V neck instead of a high collar.
boho wedding
What was your makeup style? And who made you up
I did my own makeup and it was a very soft glam style.
bohemian wedding blog
What was your hair style? And who took care of your hair
I also styled my own hair with loose curls and half up half down. I also made my own flower crown out of faux flowers and eucalyptus.
bohemian wedding blog
What jewelry and accessories did you have? Is there a special story about it?
I wore some white beaded statement earrings and a necklace from my great aunt that she gave me as a gift to wear on my wedding day. I also carried prayer beads that were made from the roses on my aunt's casket who passed away from cancer a few months before the wedding.
Where did you purchase the wedding rings and why did you choose this style
Our rings are from Melanie Casey. We love rose gold and my rings were chosen because I love their dainty and minimal look. I also love the uniqueness of cluster rings.
boho wedding style
What shoes did you wear ?
I wore leather combat boots. I don't have a picture of those yet. I wanted to be comfortable and with us having a winter wedding I wanted my feet to be warm.
boho bride
What did your partner wear?
John also wore leather boots for the same reason
bohemian bride blog
What flowers were in your bouquet? 
I made my own flowers from faux flowers from Hobby Lobby!
Did you make anything DIY?
I made my bouquet, the bridesmaid's bouquets, the boutonnières, my mom's corsage, my grandma's corsage, the centerpieces for the reception, and several other things.
What kind of music was playing? Did you have a playlist?
We had our friends play live music for our first dance and for about an hour after dinner. They played a lot of very popular music that John and I like as we are big concert goers. After the live music we were supposed to have a DJ. Our DJ canceled at the last minute due to COVID and so John and I made a playlist of songs we knew people would dance to. We played early 2000's classics, some oldies, and several modern indie pop favorites.
wedding cake
How did you choose your wedding cake? Who made it?
We wanted a very unique styled wedding cake and so I designed one that Publix then made. I don't have pictures of it yet.
What is your favorite memory from that day? (I know, it’s hard to pick just one!)
My favorite part was when John and I got to take pictures alone together after the ceremony because it was nice to spend some personal time with him that day, or when we got to dance with our friends during the live music.
elopement wedding
What is one thing you wish you would have known when planning your wedding?
I wish I had hired a coordinator sooner. Our venue was not all inclusive, and it was a nightmare trying to coordinate vendors and budget on my own.
boho wedding blog
What is your number one tip for building a happy relationship?
Find a partner who brings out the very best in you and you in them. When you bring out the best in each other, you become unstoppable! It also helps you communicate more clearly because you function at your best with that person.
Where did you go on your honeymoon? 
We went to Gatlinburg, TN.
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