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Mini-Me collection - coming soon!

Mini-Me collection - coming soon!

This post is a little more personal than usual...

My name is Sheryll and I am not only the designer of BLUSHFASHION, but I am also a mother to Nina - my little princess who has given me so much beautiful inspiration. 

Thanks to my daughter I have begun to design dresses for girls. Nina is very "Girly" and loves to play dress up and show off her look, just as I did when I was a little girl.

flower girls tulle dresses

My daughter asked me to make her dresses like the ones mommy made for BLUSHFASHION.

Nina's friends loved her dresses and when their mothers saw the dresses they asked me if I could design dresses for them too. That’s when I realized that I wanted to design a line of dresses for young girls too.

As time passed, more and more customers began to ask me to make a dress for their precious little girls, to match the BLUSHFASHION ones they planned to wear - a reproduction of the original design, just much smaller. I really connected with this idea, I thought it was amazing, and it’s not something I saw many designers doing.

And so I continued to work on the line of girls dresses, now with a mini-me collection!

Last weekend, we took a trip out to this wonderful field to have a mother-daughter photoshoot in perfectly matching dresses.

My older sister, a very talented photographer (a link to her website) helped bring us a very feminine and romantic feeling which she portrayed so well in each of the photos she took of us. It was a lovely experience, spending quality time, that truly brought us all closer together.

I am excited to announce that more models, designs and photos for the young girls collection will be out soon. In the meantime you are invited to contact us with comments, questions, and special orders so that your little girl can wear BLUSHFASHION too!

Beautiful photos by Haya Gold. 

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