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Curvy Wedding Dresses at Blushfashion - everyone deserves their dream dress

Curvy Wedding Dresses at Blushfashion - everyone deserves their dream dress

In the past it was difficult to find the perfect  wedding dress for a full-figured women, but now in 2018 things have changed. Due to the common demand for plus size gowns the industry has grown and there are many more styles and designs.
Designing wedding dresses to compliment someone’s figure is a challenge and not a simple task for practitioners in the field. A wedding dress that looks great on a relatively small size will not necessarily fit a full-figured bride. And a wedding dress that looks wonderful on a larger size won’t flatter a smaller size.
You will often find that the options offered are very limited, especially when compared to the small measurements. The bridal salons don’t always carry large sizes, so when you find a dress you like, you’ll have to take a risk in hopes of the gown looking good on you.  You’ll have to rely on the shop to get the dress with your measurements, which will not necessarily fit a body structure or will not achieve someone’s expectations. Moreover, it will often be very difficult to get a more precise and clear response, even before the sewing stage, which can eventually lead to an unexpected and somewhat disappointing outcome.
Finding the perfect dress for a  full-figured woman:
However, do not despair, it is important to remember that it is always possible to find that one dress. Today there are many wedding dress designers who aim to provide stunning dresses for full figured  women. These designers spend quite a bit of time thinking of special designs that will compliment different  body  types: big, small, curvy, short, tall, etc. They design in many sectors, combine different textures of fabrics and provide an excellent alternative for all brides.
Who are we?
Blushfashion is an online bridal boutique that offers, the new bride, new solutions. Our wedding dresses can be custom made to fit perfectly on any body type. We have bohemian, vintage, and classic style dresses. Our dresses reflect the true beauty and nature of the bride, without feeling disgusted, ridiculous or uncomfortable. 
Thanks to the great experience of our designer, you can find a wide range of sizes, that are flattering, updated, delicate, and comfortable options.
You are invited to visit us, to be impressed by the great selection and find exactly what you are looking for. For further information please contact us at :
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