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Save Money On Your Wedding With These 5 Simple Ideas!

Save Money On Your Wedding With These 5 Simple Ideas!

Plan Your Wedding For the Off-Season

If you choose to plan your wedding in a month that isn’t typical for your area, leverage the data to save money. Ask your wedding vendors if they can offer an off-peak rate. Don’t be afraid to negotiate, also. Many wedding companies will be happy to work with you on pricing, especially if it means having a happy customer who is willing to give a rave review.


Save On Your Ceremony Venue

Save anywhere from $50 to $5000 on the ceremony venue fee by choosing to have an intimate, private wedding with just your immediate families. This can take place at your home, place of worship, or a location that has special meaning to the two of you. Choosing to have an intimate wedding doesn't mean you need to forget the wedding photography, though - you can arrange for a photoshoot before or after the small ceremony, and still, have wonderful pictures of the two of you. There's no need to have the pomp and circumstance - just the memories.


Wear a Wedding Dress You Can Wear Again

You can find many good deals on dresses, but how many wedding dresses can you actually wear again? We love the beautiful styles that we offer, of course, but we also know you can be frugal and repurpose many of our dresses to wear a second time.


Really Consider Your Reception Rentals

If your wedding reception venue charges for chair and table rentals, it's important to have an accurate estimation of how many guests will be attending. Many venues will charge you for unused chairs and tables even if some of your guests don't show up. They will already have been set up, which includes the labor force required to do so. You won't be able to negotiate that fee after the fact, so make sure you have your numbers as close as possible.


Whittle Down Your Wedding Cake

Many couples are letting go of the traditional wedding cake in favor of fun and delicious desserts. Consider the cost difference between offering cupcakes, specialty cookies, or a candy bar and you may find options that can save you lots of money!

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Cover photo by @Ellisandindigo

Black dress photo by OLIVE + IVY

Snow wedding photo by Kelsey Booth Photography

Holding hands photo by @ladycascades 

wrap white dress photo @meganzamberlinwatson

Cupcake image: Pinterest



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