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Bo & Ben country side wedding -In The Netherlands

Bo & Ben country side wedding -In The Netherlands

Bo & Ben wedding Questionnaire
Wedding Date Sunday, December 1, 2019
-Where are you from?
-Maastricht, The Netherlands
-How long have you been in a relationship, before the wedding?
-Six years
-Where did your wedding take place?
-In a barn at an ower picking location in the countryside, in the very south of the Netherlands 🌸
-What was your wedding theme?
-We didn’t have a specific theme, but it was very bohemian, warm & slow, with light strings, a dreamy dress, dried owers, long and honest vows, pancakes for dinner and family and friends playing music for everyone. It was small and full of emotion, which was the perfect way to go for us. So full of love!
-What was your wedding color palette?
-It was very colorful, because of the dried owers. But not hysterical, haha. There were many soft colors, like ochre/mustard, light pinks, peach, sand, off whites, and terra.
-What kind of music was playing?
-I had put together a Spotify list full of indie music, for a slow and romantic mood. It was perfect for a dark December day! When dinner was over, family and friends played songs on the guitar for all of us. It brought everyone together even more and it was just wonderful.
-What dress did you wear?
-I wore a long gown, with a fairy-like tulle skirt, and a lace top with sleeves and a lovely v-neck. I was wearing the same one on our wedding invitation illustration, which was made even before I found the dress. Seemed like the dress popped right off of our illustration!
-What shoes did you wear?
-I wore open, soft pink shoes with a small band around the ankle. But I took them off quite soon and put on my boots, and eventually, I even went barefoot. Honestly, shoes are not that important to me.
-What fowers did you have?
-I had a dried flower bouquet, full of wildflowers and -soft colors. It was made by the owner of the flower picking field and the flowers have bloomed the previous summer.
-The most enjoyable thing about your wedding day
-Definitely having ALL of our favorite people in the entire world in one space. I mean, how often in your life does that happen?! It was the best feeling in the world to see all those faces, there was so much love and I couldn’t believe everyone was there to celebrate our love.
-Is there anything you would have changed?
-I wouldn’t have wanted to wait to be married to my husband. Because it’s the best thing! But maybe, just maybe, I would also have loved to have gotten married in the late summertime. Late autumn fitted us very well too, but marrying in a forest between the trees, with singing birds, blooming owers, strings of lights, and the setting sun must be beyond wonderful. Maybe we’ll celebrate our marriage during summertime in a few years, who knows! ✨
-What is your tip for a happy relationship?
-Okay, so I’ll tell you first that we are two completely different people. I an emotion, he is the ratio. I feel, he thinks. I am the ocean, he is the bright blue sky. Do you see where I’m going? We have had many many tough times together, but we’ve both worked very hard to
1. Get to know ourselves and
2. Get to know each other.
Eventually, you’ll nd that there are a few specific returning points that keep colliding between you two, so pay attention to that and try to figure out how to deal with them together. With us, our rights are always about the same things- we then mostly just need some alone-time, but we always make up later. We say sorry, we hold each other and try to talk about it. And we prepare for the next time because it will happen again, haha!
-Where did you make your honeymoon?
-We had our honeymoon one month later, in a small wooden cabin in the Belgium forest. It was a slow weekend with a wooden stove and everything as simple and lovingly as possible. It fitted our wedding perfectly! At first, I wasn’t sure if it wouldn’t be too long between the wedding and the honeymoon, but eventually, it was a wonderful way to nd the calm again and slow down after that busy December month. Our cabin had big glass windows with a view on the trees. It was quite amazing.
Online wedding photos website:
List of all creators, product brands, and generous helping hands:
Photographer: Tina Sosna
Videographer: Obscure
Invitation illustrator: Tijana Lukovic
Invites printing company: We Love Recycled
Thank you notes:
Wax seals and dried flowers: Cotton Bird
Flowers: Fien Fleur
Greenery: our local market
Vine wedding band: Melanie Casey
Candles: Brandt Kaarsen
Guest book: Walther Design
Ring box: Sissy-Boy
Kids gifts: Søstrene Grene
Suit Ben: H&M
Rented chairs: Spobeck
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