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Blush Brides Elope

Blush Brides Elope


During this challenging time, it’s been wonderful to watch society adapt to a new way of living all while maintaining a sense of community and togetherness despite the need for social distancing. This is especially apparent when it comes to how we’ve had to pivot the ways in which we celebrate life's big milestones - from birthdays to weddings - we’ve had to get creative


One trend we’ve loved to watch evolve during this time of uncertainty is elopements - something that’s been growing in popularity amongst Millenials over the past few years due to its budget-friendliness, flexibility, and sense of adventure. Recently, we’ve seen a huge surge in its popularity with lovers, young and old, as people have had to readjust their priorities and get back to basics with what marriage is truly all about - the union of two people dedicating their lives to one another 


The benefits of having an elopement are endless, especially in response to the need for social distancing - they are extremely cost-efficient (saving you thousands!), give you an exhilarating sense of adventure, and create an intimacy unmatched by traditional weddings. This also allows you the opportunity to really have FUN with other aspects of your special day, like hiring your dream photographer and/or a videographer to truly capture your love (... from a safe distance!) and give you magical photos/videos that you can treasure for years to come


As we are all deeply emerged in a technological age, it’s easier than ever for us to share these special moments with friends and family to ensure they feel included - from Instagram to Facebook, to Skype to Zoom - you can invite loved ones to take part in the experience on many social media platforms with the ease and click of a button 


Over the years, my brides have sent me pictures with spectacular views of their intimate wedding elopements that have been really touching! I was always so interested in the personal stories and little details behind each picture and so… I decided to launch a new concept on my blog 


I thought it would be interesting and inspiring to newly engaged couples around the world who are currently seeking alternative ways to celebrate their marriages - something to bring a little sparkle back to their eyes and give them a sense of optimism during these uncertain times. In response to this new idea, I sent a questionnaire to all my Blush brides and asked them to answer questions about their relationships, wedding day plans, details, and more. I was really touched by all the responses. I have received dozens of inspirational questionnaires and albums from all over the world - Australia, USA, France, Japan, Israel, and beyond


Today, I am excited to announce the official launch of this new concept on our blog called

Blush Brides Elope"

Each week I will publish your stories and inspire others to consider alternative wedding ideas too! Attached is a small taste of what’s to come! A new album will be released every Thursday - so keep sending me more photo albums and questionnaires about your special day so that together we can continue to spread the L O V E! Stay tuned


Sending love & light 


:)Want to be featured? Please fill out our short interview here

: Photos by

Tina Sosna

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  • Vena King

    I love this site. We are having a small intimate wedding this October(2020) at a Winery in California. Thus far, it is on schedule. Only 30 Family members with a sit down dinner.

  • Danielle Gillbert

    I love I came across you today… missed our wedding day

  • Gabriella Sam

    We will be having a very small wedding this October, thank you

  • Anne-Marie

    Thank you Sheryll, This is so inspiring

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