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Bridesmaids, represent all the best in friendship and girl power and have for a very long time.

WHAT’S THE STORY BEHIND BRIDESMAIDS? Find out more about your party

Natalie Morgan Photography


When we think about why we have bridesmaids its generally around supporting the bride on her big day. Maybe that includes some pre-wedding planning – bachelorette party, bridal gown shopping, rehearsal dinner – but mostly it’s about being there for the bride. And that makes a lot of sense in today’s world. But have you ever thought about how the tradition of having bridesmaids started? 



Interestingly, there are many answers to that question depending on the country and century you’re talking about. In the bible, Leah and Rachel both brought handmaids to their weddings and some cite this is the start of the bridesmaid tradition in Western civilization. In China during feudal times and in England’s Victorian era, bridesmaids wore white – but for very different reasons. In China, the bridesmaids wore white to serve as decoys from kidnapping attempts. Queen Victoria had her bridesmaids wear white when she married Prince Albert and that became the fashion trend for a while. 



While bridesmaids have taken many different roles and responsibilities throughout history, they always revolve around supporting the bride. Now, being a decoy against kidnapping is inconceivable today, and hopefully completely unnecessary, it’s definitely showing support for the bride!


Today, the support bridesmaids provide is mostly emotional. It’s about helping to celebrate and plan or just be there for what is one of the most important days of any person’s life. It’s when the women in your life, the ones that support you every other day of the year, share with you the beginning of a new life.



Bridesmaids, represent all the best in friendship and girl power and have for a very long time.


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