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Finding Bridesmaids Dresses They’ll Love – Top Tip

Finding Bridesmaids Dresses They’ll Love – Top Tip

If you’re reading this, you’re probably either planning a wedding, or have accepted the honor of being a bridesmaid! Congratulations. Now comes the ‘work’; deciding on bridesmaids’ dresses that everyone is happy with. That’s not always easy when everyone has their own likes, dislikes, size, shape and budget.
Over the years, we’ve seen how different bridal parties deal with this challenge successfully. Yes, what can seem like a huge task, can actually be a joyous and really fun process. We’ve put together some tips to consider that we’ve learned along the way to make sure you get to have the ‘fun’ experience.
Your girls are standing up with you, supporting you on your big day. Let’s think about them and their needs as you consider the dress or dresses you want for them. If one of your girls says they look washed out in yellow, take note. Maybe another one says that a strapless gown just won’t work for them. It’s good to discuss all the ‘deal breakers’ in advance, including budgets. That will eliminate some uncomfortable discussions in the future and allow you to focus on what you love that is also relevant for everyone.
You’ve got enough going on, as do your bridesmaids, to not try to make things as convenient as possible. When considering dresses, make sure everyone will have easy access to selected dress or dresses – access can mean location (online boutiques), budget, sizes and styles.
You have an idea of what your wedding is going to look like in your mind. Or maybe you aren’t clear, but you have some basic ideas. Let your girls know what you are planning so that no one picks out the orange dress when you hate orange. Maybe you’re planning to follow the tradition of having your bridesmaids all wear white, let them know. Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of being surrounded by your bridesmaids all wearing pink tulle dresses. The point is to let everyone know and get consensus before you’re at the checkout.
All one color but different dress styles. Or the same style dress in different color shades. So many options today. The days of all the bridesmaids wearing identical dresses are over – brides are getting really creative and that’s allowing everyone in the wedding party to shine. For example, Blush makes different versions of a particular dress style and in various colors. So, while one bridesmaid may have the spaghetti strap version of a dress, another might be in the ruffled sleeve version of the same dress.
Brides and bridesmaid have access to inspiration like never before. Social media allows you to get ideas and find what you want. Spend some time on the internet, browse and share. You’ll be able to see what you like and don’t, hopefully making the decision-making process easier.
Attitude goes a long way. If you’re set on enjoying the process, you probably will! And remember, there are so many more options today that you will find the perfect dresses at the right price point and that look smashing on everyone.
 Amnada Photographer @Poiemampls
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