Time To Shop For Velvet, Christmas Fashion!

 Dress up for your special holiday dinner or event!


No, you’re not imagining this and we have not returned to the nineties! But yes, velvet has returned to our lives! And from the moment velvet returned you’ve probably seen it in all sorts of shapes and styles - skirts, shirts, dresses, tops, shoes, bags, home decor and a variety of accessories. Fashionistas and designers have made this soft-fabric the fabric of the year, it’s a look everyone wants to have. The looks created by velvet goes to show that whether it’s a backless gown or a chic midi skirt, velvet is surprisingly versatile and can bring some easy-going warmth to any look, especially in the winter.

To all those who’ve wondered what velvet is made of and why is it so soft and pleasant, here’s your answer. Velvet is a uniformly woven fabric and a soft fiber bluff that provides a soft, unique touch. Velvet fabric is woven with a special loom that arranges two pieces of fabric at the same time. You can produce velvet of various types of yarns.

But, that’s how it was originally made. In recent years velvet has been made of many fabrics including: polyester, nylon, viscose, and also from the combination of synthetic materials and natural materials (such as viscose and silk). Velvet is sometimes made of linen or wool. Add a little Lycra and it will be more flexible and stretchy.


Velvet was traditionally considered a heavy and expensive which was used for luxury goods. The previous winter the velvet began to emerge but it’s great comeback can be seen especially this winter...making it perfect to wear for a winter wedding!


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