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Things To Know For A Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Things To Know For A Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are beautiful and romantic. There is something special being surrounded by the floral of a romantic botanical garden or the refreshing scent of an ocean breeze. These sites surely look captivating, however, outdoor weddings are not as easy as it may look. Some caveats and pitfalls come with this alfresco event. But don’t worry, we would like to provide you with these tips to help you pull off a perfect outdoor wedding.

Choose the perfect venue. We do dream of having a wedding at a rustic vineyard, a sandy shore, a breath-taking mountaintop lodge, and many more outdoor spots that may have a sentimental value for us. But as you go and check on your venue options, it is necessary to consider the potential negatives as much as the positives. Think of the issues that might get into the venue like is it accessible for the guest? Will, it cost more to set-up a wedding in that location?  Will it be windy or too hot? Some of these issues would have solutions, but others may not. It is best to choose a venue that has the theme or ambiance you wish for, along with the convenience for your guests.

Get the proper permits. Make sure to reach the local government or a department that manages the location and ask to get a permit for your outdoor wedding. Be oriented with the regulations concerning trash, torch/candle lighting, and event photography.

Have a backup plan. In some instances, bad weather might come to the wedding uninvited. It could rain, or there could be a hailstorm and other natural conflicts. Although these conditions are unlikely, it is important to be prepared for the worst-case scenario while hoping for the best. An ideal outdoor wedding has an indoor location waiting just in case of bad news. Having a tent ready for this event is also a good option but it would only be appropriate for light to moderate rain. Heavy rain will tend to soak the ground, leaving guests with muddy shoes. Make sure the tent you will get is sturdy and has thick and weighted sides.

Let nature guide your decorations. You surely chose to get married outdoors because of the natural beauty that will surround that special event of your life. Let nature guide your wedding style. Take advantage of the natural beauty around you. This will lessen the need to decorate. Consider the hues occurring in the surrounding be it the sea blue or the garden green. Keep in mind to visit the location a week before your wedding to make sure the ground is raked, the grass is mown, and the flowers have bloomed.

 Get the wedding attire that blends the outdoors. Pick a dress that you can be comfortable with as you say your vows during the warm daytime and into the evening when it gets chilly. Make sure the fabric is breathable and will keep you cool if the weather gets sticky. Lucky you, has the best bridal dress collection that is versatile to keep you extremely comfortable in your precious moment. Be beautiful on your special day with blushfashion’s dress, enjoy yourself without the worry whichever season you will marry.

Arrange transportation for your guests. If you chose a location that’s off the beaten path, your guests would appreciate it if you arrange transportation to shuttle from area hotels to your wedding location. Provide excellent directions or maps at the very least, as sometimes it is hard for GPS to read spots in rural territory. Make sure guests will have designated parking areas as well.

Choose the right caterer. Hire the caterer that has experience cooking and serving guests in an outdoor setting. Make sure the caterer is planning a menu that will keep well outdoors in the heat. As for your cake, talk to your baker to get a cake that works outdoors (Depending on the temperature and humidity of the location) as sometimes the cake elements might melt on a scorching hot day. Alcohol is dehydrating. Be prepared to serve a variety of beverages to keep your guests cool and refreshed. Consider serving lemonades, teas, and punches. Make sure to keep plenty of ice and water around too.  


And lastly, keep your guest safe. Ensure that your venue is well-landscaped or mowed prior to your wedding day. It should be clear of leaves, driftwood, or any other obstructions the day of. Make sure tents and other equipment are well installed and the well-traveled areas to be well lit during the evening. offers dresses perfect for events and occasions like weddings, engagements parties, as well as for bridesmaids and formal dinners or cocktail parties, at an affordable price. Get access to the special offers of the Click HERE and be ahead of the best offers and exclusive deals.


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