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Happy 15th Birthday Blushfashion!!!  let's celebrate!

Happy 15th Birthday Blushfashion!!! let's celebrate!

Fifteen years ago I had a dream. I always knew I'd be a fashion designer my whole life, it was who I was, but I knew I wanted to do something beyond design and run a fashion business. Fifteen years ago, my dream came true. When I was pregnant with my eldest son, I decided to be brave and to follow my heart and my dream. Even though I did not have the budget to open the business, I started in my living room. I began to sew and upgrade existing fashion items I had previously designed.

After showing my new items to a few boutique store owners, who were enthusiastic, they asked me to create a few models for them to try to sell in their stores - and the customers liked it right away, as well. This moment, when other people believed in me and my design abilities, that was when I realized, "Yes, I'm going to do it!"


Since then, many things have happened:

  • I have 4 children.
  • I managed to be a business and a working mother.
  • I have designed 60 collections and worked with more than 50 boutiques.
  • Blushfashion has been featured on blogs and magazines around the world
  • I specialize in online trading.
  • I opened an Etsy shop that became a bestseller shop.
  • I opened a website, that today has the traffic of over 70,000 visitors in a month.
  • I opened Blushfashion eBay Outlet.
  • I manage an Instagram and Facebook page with more than forty K followers.
  • I work with affiliate marketing and Dropshipping websites.
  • I have the most beautiful & happy customers from all over the world!

Just to name a few of the things I do...and especially doing the thing I love, to make beautiful and exciting clothes for women all over the world - thank you for being a part of Blushfashion!!!


I am very proud of my baby that has become itself. A special “Thank You” to Shlomit, Anna, Hellena and Julia for being a part of the Blushfashion team. You are my right hands and I couldn’t have done it without you.


Congratulations to everyone who has helped my baby grow - so let's celebrate!


XXX  Sheryll

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