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Pursuing Wrap Dress Trend in 2016

Pursuing Wrap Dress Trend in 2016

What is Wrapping Dress?

 For all those, who aren’t aware, it is very specialized type of dress in which the front closure of the dress is wrapped to each other. It is a very exciting dress to wear as it resembles a lot to a gown or something. There is a knotting belt on the waist line to wrap the two fronts. As a result of wrapping the two front ends, the neck comes out to be V-shaped. As a result of this wrapping, the shape of the body gets prominent as you wear it.


One of the prominent names that came along with the Wrap dress is the Diane von Furstenberg. There are some strong evidences that Diane invented this wrap dress in the 1970s. Although, according to the Richard Martin, who is an ex-curator of the Costume Institute at Metropolitan Museum, designs of wrap dresses were already included in the American sports. It was actually invented by the Elsa Schiaparelli in the 1930s and also by the Claire McCardell in the 1940s. Popover design had already been produced, which was actually the foundation of the today’s Wrap Dress.

Wrap Dress Trend

This Wrap Dress is becoming very popular as now; it is the part of every fashion show. There is a similar type of dress called Faux Wrap Dress that looks exactly like it except it has no front closure. They are just wrapped together no matter what. There is another dress called the Wrap Top that is exactly like a Wrap Dress, but it doesn’t have any skirt. This dress is a simple but a creative way to wear a dress. It used to be a navy dress in the 1960s, but now, it has become a sensation for the ladies.


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