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Blushfashion secret wedding guide

Blushfashion secret wedding guide

When it comes to throwing your dream wedding of a lifetime, there are some important secrets you should know, shared thoughts from one bride to another. We wanted you to have insider knowledge on the four things we think brides should know before the big day.

It’s hard to know what should be super-important on your wedding day and where your focus should go after all of the intense planning you’ve been doing for months. From the importance of shoes, bridesmaids, flower girls and (yay!) eating we’ve covered all the things you need to make a priority on your wedding day.


Shoes are not just accessories

Even if you’re not obsessed with shoes, they are simply no less important than the dress! Your wedding shoes are a beautiful accent to your dress and will forever remain a lovely keepsake. Write a sweet dedication on the soul for your husband to read when he throws your garter, or for a cute photograph.

When it comes to the perfect wedding shoes, Badgley Mischka is the brand we can personally recommend. They fit like a dream come true, and because they’re well-made, they feel better on feet for longer. Our favorite pairs:

These elegant ‘Lacie’ peep toe pumps are just perfect with any style of dress, and they have a slightly lower heel, too.

Even though those delightful heels are made to wear beautifully and feel great, be prepared to kick off those heels and dance the night away with a second pair of shoes like these!

For a glitzy pair on a budget, check out these simple ballet flats – they come in a lot of colors so you can match your wedding theme:

If you are prone to blisters, a great trick to soften the skin and prevent annoying wounds is to put body lotion or something oily on the sensitive places on the back of your foot. Just be sure to get no-slip pads for your heel if you decide to lotion up.



If you’re having bridesmaids, or just want to celebrate your friends

Your close friends are your best wedding asset! If you plan to have bridesmaids in your wedding, they are always the closest, most intimate friends you have.

Your bridesmaids and your best friends are your personal wedding support team, so it is important for them to feel close to you too! One way to express how much you appreciate them is by making them a special gift.  A thoughtful way to do this would be to create some scented bath salts and tie them up in pretty bags.

Jewelry is also a beautiful gift for your girls! At one memorable wedding, the bride gave all of her best friends sweet necklaces with a charm that represented their relationship. For the friend who was always there for a night of wine, cheese and whining – an adorable swiss cheese pendant. For the friend who always helped the bride keep it together – a dainty little safety pin pendant. And for the friend who brought them all together – a sweet puzzle piece pendant. Adorable right?



The importance of being a Flower Girl

When it comes to weddings and sentiment, an engagement and wedding planning can really bring out the “motherly” instincts. Now that you are about to get married, you might begin to feel something new for children. For some brides they suddenly seem closer to that bond between adult and child, they connect to the excitement of children. That’s why it’s super important to give a flower girl the chance to get close to you. Your wedding is an exciting event for her too, and if you have ever been a flower girl yourself you can relate to the sense of pride and honor that comes with the duty of being a “Flower Girl”.

Your flower girl wants to feel grown up and special on your big day, which is why it’s a great idea to take her shopping one on one. Her time with you can be super special. If you choose to buy her a dress online, make it a point to choose together – and it would be amazing to have a dress that matches yours (or the bridesmaids, if you plan to have them).

Let her open the dress package with you when it arrives. The simple things really do make big moments in a child’s life! Be sure to gift her her very own bridal gift. A necklace or jeweled crown are great ways to express your affection and remind her of your special bond as she fills a very important role on your wedding day. The pictures will be absolutely delightful when you see how you look together!



Don’t forget to eat on your wedding day

When it all comes down to it, you will likely get half way through your wedding reception and realize you haven’t had anything to eat. Why? Because you're excited! As well you should be, it’s your wedding day! But a bride without a bread base (or at least a morsel of cake) turns into a grumpy bride pretty quickly.

You probably won’t get a chance to sit down and eat during your reception due to the sheer excitement of it all - unless you play it super smart as a bride and organize a full-on catered sit down dinner. Make sure you ask someone before the wedding day to help make sure you get a few bites of food. Also, request that the caterers pack you and your new husband a picnic with selections from the reception meal – having something to eat when you get to your hotel room that night will be such a relief.

While you’re getting ready, you can also plan to have a mini-brunch with your bridesmaids, female family members or best girlfriends in to have some last minute fun and take in some nutritious eats before things get a little crazy. Be sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day. Try to balance your drinks – for every one alcoholic beverage, drink two glasses of water!

The most important thing you can do on your wedding day, however, is difficult to forget: make sure you relax and enjoy it! It goes by so fast, and it really is a special moment that you get to share with all of your family and friends. Cherish it, be present and love all of it.

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