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INSPIRE ME SERIES: Nonchalant View Photography 

INSPIRE ME SERIES: Nonchalant View Photography 

Known for being a photography studio that values connection, simple meaningful moments and the wonder of Alaska’s beauty (because, have you SEEN Alaska!?) it was a no-brainer that Aerin and RJ would hire Christina to capture their boho themed big day. 


Christina’s photos have that earthy, natural feel that we just can’t get enough of here at BLUSH. Shot in warm sepia tones, with crisp contrast is what gives the images real depth and dimension - making them the perfect keepsakes to look back on for years to come! They transport you right back into those special moments you want to treasure forever. 

Read on to learn more about Aerin and RJ’s big day and about Nonchalant View Photography’s style and story.



How long have you been a wedding photographer?
8+ years
What is the most exciting thing about being a wedding photographer?
Capturing meaningful moments
How do you prepare for the BIG day?
Reviewing client requests, cleaning gear and making sure I have extra *approved* gifts or snacks for any little ones involved in the day
How would you describe your photography style?
Authentic, meaningful, simplistic
What is your favorite part of the wedding to photograph? Getting ready? Ceremony?
First looks, bridal portraits, portraits of the couple
The Couple’s Names :
Aerin & RJ Campbell
Instagram @nonchalantviewphotography
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  • Katherine B

    Amazing blog

  • Rachel Goodman

    So beautiful

  • Dana Kensky

    I love it so much
    Thank you for the inspiration

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