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Wedding Themes: What To Wear To Your Rustic wedding

Wedding Themes: What To Wear To Your Rustic wedding

What do you think of when you hear the word Rustic?  

Personally, I think of barns, vineyards, timber, lace, moss, chalkboards, mason jars, mismatched furniture, fairy lights, and hessian… I also think about leaves and greenery and bringing the outdoors indoors. In saying that, you should not be limited to hosting your wedding in remote locations to have a rustic theme. Implement elements of rustic style to your chosen venue. With linens, lighting, centerpieces, florals, cake, and more. Check out the ways below you can go all out for one rustic wedding theme.

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The Rustic Dress

When you’ve chosen a rustic wedding theme, the Champagne Tulle Wedding Dress is just the ultimate way to complete your rustic wedding look. We also like the Lace Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress when it comes to looking rustic chic when you walk down your wedding aisle. The trick to this look is a big, beautiful bouquet with one amazing veil. Just be sure the veil has matching lace to complete your rustic chic bridal wear look, and you’ll rock this theme in sheer style.


The Hair

If you’re going rustic chic, you can pretty much rock any style hair - just as long as you don’t wear hairpieces. The veil really is the ‘it’ accessory to help you rock in your rustic bridal hair. However, the most rustic look really comes to life with shadow rooting, balayage, or ombre hair techniques. Think dark roots to blonde or rose gold ends. 

How To Theme Your Rustic Chic Wedding

Go mix and match with all things rustic. We love shabby chic initials on bails of hay with simple white flower pots filled with fall Mums.

Of course, tablecloths of muslin with white doilies and napkins of muslin wrapped with greenery are super cute. Sparklers are great favors for gifts when it comes to making an epic wedding exit under the stars. For rustic theme-based invitations, you can opt for DIY for that handmade feel.  

Seating is made rustic chic with place names on rustic cardstock stuck in little tree branches: Your centerpieces can be mismatched to include mason jars, mixed florals, and candles. You can even try to display them in wooden crates with timber slices, or on lace and hessian runner. Another fun suggestion is cupcakes or a dessert bar.

There are quite a few different options available when it comes to rustic wedding colors. The most popular choices are pastel pink, lavender, mint, navy, sage/moss green, chocolate, or olive green. Some brides have added a metallic element like silver or rose gold. Incorporate your chosen color palette in your wedding stationery, bridesmaid dresses, centerpieces, and flowers.

The Shoes & The Accessories

The Pearl Vegan Bridal Flat Sandal really adds a lot of style to any rustic wedding look. Think super simple when it comes to accessories. A simple strand of pearls for a rustic look

Of course, we mentioned the veil and ivory really adds to rustic charm like the Full-Length Wedding Veil in Tulle from Blushfashion.


Rustic bridesmaids: midi dresses

Midi dresses are all the rage when it comes to rustic chic bridesmaids. Turn your wedding aisle into a rustic dream with dresses like the midi in lace and blush pink tulle, yellow tulle midi dress, champagne sleeveless tulle midi dress, or even the ivory tulle midi dress found here:

Rustic Flower Girl Dress

When it comes to sending your flower girl down your wedding aisle in rustic fashion try dressing her in the Ivory Lace Flower Girl Dress. We love this all lace look that pairs beautifully with any dress you or your bridesmaids rock down your rustic wedding aisle.

Go Even More Rustic With A Chic Bouquet

The wedding bouquet can really make or break your rustic look. Think darker colors and rich tones when choosing rustic wedding colors. Moss and greenery can add texture to your rustic flowers and really make your colors pop. Try using dahlias, poppies, roses, or even red and champagne ranunculus.

Speaking of flowers, a rustic bouquet is purposely imperfect. Similar to an arrangement that looks like you plucked it right out of the garden. Why not include some wildflowers or baby’s breath for that rustic feel. If you elect to have hessian on the tables, you can also tie your bouquet together with the same material.

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