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Trendy Wedding Wear for 2019 - ICE CREAM COLORS

Trendy Wedding Wear for 2019 - ICE CREAM COLORS


Ice Cream Colors and Pretty Pastels are making a splash in 2019. With Mermaid trends and vintage weddings on the rise, these are the perfect colors to make your wedding dreams come true. Pastels are going to be making waves this year in the wedding world and we love the newest arrivals at Blush Fashion. So, what can you expect when it comes to pretty pastels and ice cream colors!?



Vintage Ice Cream Parlor Wedding

When it comes to vintage wedding themes, the ice cream parlor brings out the best in pastels. You can serve ice cream parlor style cocktail shakes and ice cream, with vintage popcorn or caramel corn. Then dress your bridesmaids in gorgeous vintage style skirts like this Pink Petticoat Tulle Midi Skirt. We also have the perfect matching Blush Pink Mini Tulle Layered Skirt for your flower girl, too! Our tulle skirts also come in blue, grey, yellow, and various other colors that you can mix and match for your ice cream parlor style wedding.

Mermaid Bridal Dreams

If you’re trying to live your best mermaid life down the aisle, have no fear. We’ve got some gorgeous ideas to help you create a sea of wedding dreams. For instance, this Mint Bridesmaid Tulle Midi Skirt is the perfect way to add some enchantment to your wedding party. Don’t worry - we’ve got the perfect matching Mint Flower Girl Tulle Skirt for you too! Think mermaid cakes and candy seashells, when you style your wedding for a fantasy under the sea. You can also mix and match tulle skirts in pink, mint, and purple for full mermaid colors when you send your bridal party down the aisle.



For Those That Dare To Be Different

Sometimes it’s not about a theme but more about being different. We’ve seen trends in bridesmaids dresses over the years that incorporate several different shades- so why not do it with pastel colors. You can paint a beautiful pastel palette using your bridesmaids and complimentary flowers as your aisle runners and wedding marquis. Then transfer the flowers to tables as the table setting and you’ve saved a bundle. We love matching colors like pastel yellow, blue, blush pink, and greens. This Yellow Tulle Midi Dress is perfect for a bride who loves yellow flowers! The Grey Tulle Midi Skirt can also help you make one gorgeous wedding statement when paired with various pastel tops for your girls.


Cover photo by DanielaPorwolPhotography

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