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Ravyn & Typer’s Moody Wedding Under the Stars

Ravyn & Typer’s Moody Wedding Under the Stars

Ravyn and Typer’s love story begins online. Fast forward to six years later, and they’ve built a magical home where they hosted their COVID-friendly Halloween wedding. Dark and moody with candles and tones of black, crimson, and gold throughout - this backyard celebration was anything but ordinary. The bride wore an open-back black tulle gown from Blush Fashion, paired with a rhinestone headband and a bold red lip, while the groom kept it cool with black dress pants, boots, and a vintage leather jacket. From the magical decor, blackberry-covered cake, to the couple’s gemstone-filled wedding rings, each detail was custom made with love. Congratulations Ravyn and Typer! May you continue to sprinkle your magic and bring people together under the stars
Engagement Date
Aug 5, 2019
Wedding Date
Oct 30, 2020
Where are each of you from? How did you meet?
We are from Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, Iowa! We met online and hit it off!
How long were you in a relationship before you got engaged and married?
Together 5 years, Married at 6 years
Where did your wedding take place?
We had our tiny, Covid safe ceremony in the backyard of our home! We had plans to be married under a huge maple tree but unfortunately, that summer we were struck with a Derecho which took most of our tree down.
Why did you choose your venue?
It was only fitting to be where we had worked so hard to build our home!
Who designed your invitations and what was the inspiration behind it?
We designed our own invitations! We were to celebrate with a dark and moody evening under the stars.
How many guests attended your wedding?
6, our parents and siblings
Did your wedding have a theme?
Dark and Moody Halloween
What was your wedding color palette?
Black, Crimson, Gold
What dress did you wear ?
I work a 3/4 sleeve, open back, black tulle gown
What was your makeup style? And who made you up
I went with a simple look with a bold red lip that I did myself
What was your hair style? And who took care of your hair
I had my hair curled and wore a rhinestone headband. My hair was done by Dynasty’s House in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
What jewelry and accessories did you have?
We wore vintage leather jackets with our wedding attire!
Where did you purchase the wedding rings and why did you choose this style
We custom made our rings with Philip’s Diamond Shop in Marion, Iowa. I love asscher cut stones and rose gold which he put in my ring design. He loves geometric shapes and the color green so I incorporated angles and peridot in his ring!
What shoes did you wear ?
I wore Sorel Joan of the Arctic boots!
What did your partner wear?
He wore black dress pants, a charcoal grey button up shirt, black boots and a vintage leather jacket!
What flowers were in your bouquet? 
I did not have bouquet but we had swag in our decor by Shelly’s4everBouquet.
Did you make anything DIY?
Yes, all of our decorations were sourced and put together by us and our family
What kind of music was playing? Did you have a playlist?
We played instrumental songs from Lord of the Rings!
How did you choose your wedding cake? Who made it?
We chose it based on our love for the night sky and the dark and moody feel we love. It was made by Tip Top Cakes of Coralville, Iowa!
What is your favorite memory from that day? 
Our photographer came back to our home late that evening to get photos pf us under the full moon and stars! It was an intimate moment for just the two of us and a shooting star flashed above us!
What is one thing you wish you would have known when planning your wedding?
To make sure that the two of you just do exactly what you want because in the end it will make you the happiest! Postponing our big celebration made this very clear to us.
What is your number one tip for building a happy relationship?
You’ll hear it time and time again but communication and prioritization is key! Keep that emotional connection alive and healthy!
Where did you go on your honeymoon? 
We did a small weekend road trip to Duluth, Minnesota to enjoy the beauty of Lake Superior! We plan to ho on our full honeymoon in Iceland once it is more safe to do so.
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