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✨James and Kelci ELOPEMENT on the Isle of Skye Scotland

✨James and Kelci ELOPEMENT on the Isle of Skye Scotland

James and Kelci had a grand adventure, from the United States to Scotland's breathtaking Isle of Skye.
Planned trips often don't go according to plan- but when Mother Nature got in their way as they dreamed of eloping by Loch Coruisk, nothing could dampen this special day!
Despite fierce winds that prevented them from completing their boat journey, these two lovebirds celebrated with style and romance at every turn.
Before the ceremony, the couple prepared for their wedding day at Coruisk House.
Despite the uncooperative weather, it was still a beautiful location.
The bride wore a stunning champagne-colored lace long-sleeved dress with a train that perfectly complemented Scotland's picturesque scenery.

Kelci and James composed their own vows so that each word could issue straight from their hearts.
Filled with tenderness and affection for one another, they promised to stand by each other through the ups and downs of life.
As they spoke those heartfelt words, they knew that no matter what hardships may come their way, they would face it together.
James and Kelci declared their love for one another against some of Scotland's most breathtaking scenery, with joy in their hearts as they started the next chapter of their lives together.
Photographer Steven Gallagher was present to capture every moment of this special occasion.
This unique Isle Of Skye elopement was truly something special; an intimate celebration of two people deeply in love with each other, surrounded by nature's beauty at its finest.
Despite having to adjust plans due to Scotland's ever changeable weather conditions, James and Kelci made sure everything was perfect on this very special day - even if it wasn't quite how they imagined it!
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