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Bridesmaids Dress Trends; summer 2018 Edition

Bridesmaids Dress Trends; summer 2018 Edition

It is true that a couple’s wedding day is the most significant day in their life but we would be fooling ourselves if we did not admit that the most exciting aspect of any wedding: the bride. Be it her dress, her hair, her makeup, her final look; all eyes are on her.

There is often another feature of a wedding that often goes by unappreciated and that is the bridal party. Every bride has her own posse of bridesmaids; her partners in crime, her sisters not by blood but by heart.

The bridesmaids are responsible for everything when it comes to the bride and they must be given the love and attention that they deserve. Bridesmaid dress trends change every year just as they do for brides. What makes every trend unique and stands out in its own way is one’s interpretation of it. Want to know the hottest summer bridesmaids trends for this season? Let’s get started.

1. Same Color; Different Style

Uniformity is special. Bridesmaid dresses have been a topic of discussion for long. Whilst some think it is cute to wear matching gowns, others find the idea unexciting. There is a middle ground though. Just wear the same color in your own personal style. Different dress styles flatter different body types in a unique way. This is the best way to stand out because your bridal posse will be sporting the same color, but they will also each look beautiful in their own way because they all will be sporting styles that complement their body type. Win, win.


2. Flowers and Tresses

No wedding, or celebration for that matter, is complete without flowers. If the bride is carrying a bouquet, why the bridesmaids should be left behind. Instead of carrying bouquets, why not wear them as hair accessories? Flowers incorporated in hairstyles are so whimsical and dreamy that it is hard to take your eyes off them. They bring a very flirty and feminine look to any ensemble. Not only do they make you look like an actual princess, but they will also keep your hands free from carrying bouquets. Long tresses and flowers; get ready for the ultimate boho-inspired summer wedding season hair lookbook.


3. Flirty Ruffles



When it comes to dressing styles, there is an endless range of styles to choose from but if you are looking to make the ultimate style statement, it is time to bring out the ruffles. Ruffles dresses are the one clothing item that is always so refreshing to look at despite being around for long all because of its versatility. Easy, breezy, flirty, and feminine, there is nothing more fun than a flirty ruffle dress that not only pairs well with the summer dress trend but also ties wonderfully well with the bridesmaid vibe.


4. Skin and Slits

2018 is the year to get your game on. Even the biggest names in the world of fashion can’t get enough of them. Slit dresses are sultry, sexy, and flirty and flatter just about everyone. The best part about a slit is how it possesses the ability to make the same dress look completely different. Don’t be afraid to show some skin because is the season to be edgy, fearless, and confident.


These 2018 summer bridesmaids’ dress trends are all the hype this season and for all the right reasons. Get on board before it’s too late. Check out Blush Fashions latest edition of bridesmaid dresses.


Cover photo credit: Holden photos 

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