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Amaury & Flora Small village in the south of France Wedding

Amaury & Flora Small village in the south of France Wedding

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Meet the special couple Amaury & Flora.
They met a long time ago and have been together ever since.
Their wedding took place in a small village in southern France in front of a breathtaking view.
This wedding has a particularly unique style in the small details that make the wedding so much fun.
Read more to find out about their mind-blowing wedding and get some inspiration.
Where are each of you from? How did you meet?
France, north and south, we met in Lyon, France
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How long were you in a relationship before you got engaged and married?
8 years before engagement, 9 years at the wedding
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Where did your wedding take place?
Hameau de Moulès, a small village in the south of France
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Why did you choose your venue? 
Its a small village only for us, everyone could sleep at the same place. Outstanding outside and view !!
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Who designed your invitations and what was the inspiration behind it?
Myself, as a graphic designer ! All drawings by myself and my husbands 
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How many guests attended your wedding?
boho wedding small wedding
Did your wedding have a theme? If yes, what was it? :)
The all theme is Fest (like coachella). Name of the wedding : LOVE FEST AMORA
bohemian wedding
What was your wedding color palette?
Yellow (for me) and Green (my husband)
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What dress did you wear ?
Fairy Blush in White
What was your makeup style? And who made you up
My friend, natural and soft, nude.
What was your hair style? And who took care of your hair
My sister, simple.
What jewelry and accessories did you have? Is there a special story about it?
Fantasies jewels buy in my bachelorette party in Barcelona.
Where did you purchase the wedding rings and why did you choose this style
NV Joaillers, a French artisanal jeweller. The wedding ring of the previous wedding between my mother and my father is in my actual ring.
What shoes did you wear ?
Minuit sur Terre, French Vegan basket !!
What did your partner wear?

Different pieces were chosen by him, different brands.

What flowers were in your bouquet? 
Greg artisan Fleuriest - a little shop with dry flowers :
Did you make anything DIY?
LOTS of things !! Including adding some daisies flowers in my skirt's dress
What kind of music was playing? Did you have a playlist?

A lot of things, Lola May Music

How did you choose your wedding cake? Who made it?
Local cake named Gateau a la broche
What is your favorite memory from that day?
the evening, everything going just well and fun, so much love between family and friends

What is one thing you wish you would have known when planning your wedding?

Everything is gonna be all right!

What is your number one tip for building a happy relationship?

Communication !

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Costa Rica, one month
Photographer :
Make-Up artist :
Floral Boutique/Florist :
Jewelry/Accessory :
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