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A Tale of Intimate Coastal Elegance: Kerry & Gareth's Wedding Day

A Tale of Intimate Coastal Elegance: Kerry & Gareth's Wedding Day

Nestled in the heart of the scenic landscapes of Penmaenmawr in North Wales, Kerry and Gareth's wedding day was a beautiful testament to love, laughter, and the beauty of simplicity. Coming from the diverse backgrounds of Staffordshire and Yorkshire and meeting through the serendipity of mutual friends, their journey of 8.5 years together culminated in a celebration that was both intimate and heartwarming.
A Week of Celebration
Opting for a unique and personal touch, the couple chose a large holiday home as their venue, inviting their closest family and friends to spend an entire week celebrating their union. This choice not only allowed for a deeply personal experience but also reflected their desire to cherish each moment with their loved ones, making every second memorable.
Beach-Themed Bliss
The theme of their wedding was an ode to the natural beauty surrounding them—a beach theme that was elegantly woven through every aspect of their day. The color palette of teal, caramel, and ivory mirrored the serene hues of the coast, creating a harmonious backdrop for their festivities.
A Personal Touch
Kerry, in a butterfly sleeve maxi dress, and Gareth, in attire that complemented the day's elegance, symbolized their journey and commitment. Kerry's transition from heels to flats—and at times, barefoot on the mountain and beach—reflected the day's unbound spirit and their embrace of nature's beauty.
Their choice of music—a personally curated Spotify playlist—ensured that every moment was filled with songs that had significance to their story, adding a deeply personal touch to the ambiance.
A Celebration of Craftsmanship and Love
The decorations, many of which were DIY, showcased their creativity and the personal effort they poured into making their day special. The use of a bespoke dried flower bouquet from Hidden Botanics and a unique wedding cake that combined the savory delight of cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese Company with the sweet elegance of a tiered cake from Marks & Spencer, decorated by their own hands, spoke volumes of their desire to blend tradition with personal meaning.
Moments of Joy 
The most enjoyable part of their day? Being surrounded by love and laughter, a sentiment that resonates with the core of what weddings are about—celebrating love in its purest form, surrounded by those who mean the most.
A Wish for Sunshine and Shared Wisdom
While wishing for sunnier skies, Kerry and Gareth's day was far from overshadowed. Their tip for a happy relationship, "Give & take," reflects the balance and mutual respect foundational to their journey together.
An Ongoing Adventure
Their honeymoon, a continuation of their celebration with family in Wales, with plans for future adventures, reflects their view of marriage as an ongoing journey, full of shared experiences and discoveries.
In the tranquil embrace of Penmaenmawr in North Wales, Kerry and Gareth celebrated their love in a ceremony that was not just a marriage but a masterpiece of personal expression and intimate details. Their journey of 8.5 years, from the moment they met through mutual friends to the day they said "I do," was encapsulated in a week-long celebration that was as meaningful as it was memorable.

A Palette of Coastal Serenity
Their wedding color palette of teal, caramel, and ivory was a reflection of the natural beauty that surrounded them, embodying the serene elegance of the beach and sea. These colors set the stage for a day that was both vibrant and filled with calm, echoing the depths of the ocean and the softness of the sand.

Elegance in Simplicity: The Bridal Look
Kerry's makeup, artfully applied by Shannon at Revive Clinic, was a testament to natural beauty, enhancing her features with a subtle grace that complemented the day's serene theme. Her hair, styled into an elegant updo by Lucie Kelly of Hair by Lucie Kelly, added a touch of sophistication while allowing the natural elements of her bridal look to shine through.
A Story Woven in Jewels
The choice of jewelry and accessories was deeply personal and meaningful. Kerry adorned herself with shell, seahorse, and starfish-themed jewelry, embracing the beach theme wholeheartedly. Adding a layer of sentimental value, she also wore some of her late grandmother's rings, bringing a piece of her family history into her new beginning.

Rings Embedded with Memories
Their wedding rings, crafted by Sangreal Rings, were symbolic treasures containing sand from the beach where they got engaged, soil from home, and sand from the beach where they married. This choice not only represented their journey together but also their deep connection to the places that have marked significant moments in their relationship.

Floral Elegance from Hidden Botanics
The bridal bouquet, a bespoke creation by Hidden Botanics, featured dried flowers that will forever hold the beauty of the day. This choice of florals not only complemented the natural theme but also provided a lasting memento of their special day.
A Duo of Cakes: A Blend of Flavors and Memories
Their wedding cake selection was a delightful combination of taste and tradition. A savory cheese cake from the Snowdonia Cheese Company paired with a sweet two-tier cake from Marks & Spencer, decorated by their own hands, showcased their creativity and personal touch. This unique combination offered guests a taste of the couple's individuality and their shared love for the flavors of life.

Kerry and Gareth's wedding day was a beautiful testament to their love story, filled with personal touches that made their celebration truly their own. From the thoughtful selection of their wedding palette to the deeply personal accessories and the meaningful choice of cakes, every detail was a reflection of their journey and the love they share.

May their story inspire you to weave your own personal touches into your wedding day, creating a celebration that is not just a moment in time but a lasting memory that reflects the unique beauty of your love.
Vendor Credits: A Symphony of Collaboration
Makeup: Shannon at Revive Clinic
Hair: Lucie Kelly of Hair by Lucie Kelly
Jewelry: Personal collection and family heirlooms
Wedding Rings: Sangreal Tings
Florals: Hidden Botanics
Cake: Snowdonia Cheese Company & Marks & Spencer
Photographer: @goldingweddingphotography
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