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10 Ways to Incorporate Blue Into Your Wedding Day Look

10 Ways to Incorporate Blue Into Your Wedding Day Look


Often times, weddings are associated with mostly white dresses but if you are the more adventurous type, you can surely toss-up things a bit in order to find your “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” From shoes to jewelry and lingerie, there are lots of ways to add some blue to your wedding day look without looking odd or out of place.

If you are yet to put the final touches to your look for the day, then this article might just give you ideas on how you can spruce up things to suit your personality and add more glitz to your day. Listed below are ways through which you can incorporate blue into your wedding day look. They are as follows:


  •        Blue Footwear: Stepping in boldly into your wedding venue in blue footwear is one sure way to add color to your day. From strappy sandals to pointy-toe peeps, you can always add that extra magic to your beautiful day with your shoe.
  •        A touch of blue on your Bouquet: Some brides might not know this but your bouquet is part of your overall look on your big day. Consider adding a little blue-embellished brooch to your bouquet or monogrammed ribbon. It is a unique way of adding more personality to your chosen floral arrangement


  •        Blue lingerie: This has to be done in a soft blue to avoid a situation where the hue overtakes your main outfit. You have the choice of going for something with blue lace trimmings to be on the safer side.
  •        Blue jewelry: This is another unique way of incorporating blue into your wedding day look without going overboard. Although diamonds and pearls are great pieces on wedding days but with blue gemstones, a bride is sure to look uniquely different look. From a sapphire engagement ring to oval drop earrings and pendant gold necklaces, you are ready to add that extra touch to your perfect look for the day.
  •        Blue Skirt: If you are not the more traditional bride who is more drawn to an all-white ensemble, then going for a blue-gray skirt would surely give the aspiring brides at the wedding venue something that might bring a twist to their future wedding outfits.

  •        Blue nail polish: For the best result, you can settle for subtle blue shade. Whether full-on manicure or accent nails, this will surely transform your wedding day look. Ensure to play with a variety of shades to decide on what works well for you, then you can top off the polish with shimmers.
  •        Blue faux flower: Whether your hairstyle is an updo or all-back, adding a cluster of blue petals to a corner of your head is another sure way of incorporating blue into your look without distracting from your wedding gown and other accessories. These petals are more exotic if made out of chiffon. Tuck in the pin neatly and you are good to go.
  •        Light blue wedding garter set: There is a variety of wedding garter sets out there, both in design and shade. In order to bring more feminine glam to your look of the day, you can opt for an embroidered set in the softest shade of blue you can lay your hands on.

  •        Blue Hair Pins: This is another option that would make you the center of attraction. With these blue-toned beauties tucked delicately into your hairdo, there’s no stopping your shine.



  •        Blue Hair Dye: If you are the more daring type and you really want to give your guests something deliberate on long after your wedding, then you can opt for a blue hair dye. Yes, if you really want to incorporate blue in the rarest of ways, then your hairdo can be that “something blue” on your big day.


Who says brides have to stick to the traditional all-white ensembles on their wedding day? It is your day after all so you just have to go ahead and spruce things up a little bit. Yes, go ahead and make the most of finding that “something blue” by incorporating shades of blue into your wedding day look.



 We are honored to have Michelle Brown as a writer on our blog! 

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