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10 Reasons You Should Include A Photo With Your Wedding Invitation

10 Reasons You Should Include A Photo With Your Wedding Invitation

A wedding is not a mere event, it is a 3 day organised celebration to acknowledge the love and happiness of 2 people bonding forever. One thing that keeps weddings memorable is wedding invitations. Earlier, people used to go with basic wedding invites or would call whom they want at the wedding. Now, with everyone splurging on their special day, people put a lot of effort into their invitations. Here are some reasons why you should add Photos with your Wedding Invitation.
Personal Touch
To be able to have a personal touch is one of the most simple yet beautiful explanations to add a picture of you and your spouse to your wedding card. You can pose any way you want and it would add uniqueness to your invitation.
Picture Says A Thousand Words
Ever heard of this saying? No amount of words would be able to explain the love of you and your partner other than a lovely picture of the couple in love and happiness. Your guest will be able to see how perfect you are together and would love to be a part of your special night.
Bye Bye Monotonous
No one wants monotonous life when life can be stunning right? What is the point if you are not able to put your happy, fun and unique life in your wedding invitations and make it simply a bunch of words? It is 2020 and bouge is the way to live!
Binds the theme together
Imagine an emerald green and gold wedding invitation. It feels so royal yet as if it is missing something. Now add a picture of you and your significant other dressed like royalty and it just increases the royalty factor by 100%. Pictures can elevate and bind your invitation theme so that your wedding card looks no less than a showpiece.
Amazing Excuse to Get Professional Photography
Couples always want perfect pictures so they can gush all day long about how amazing their partner is with their friends and family. Selfies and cute but what could be better than a professional photo shoot. You can choose your theme, look gorgeous and cherish your time with your amazing partner. Even if your wedding pictures turn out odd, you can have something nice to send to friends and family.
Future Decoration!
Speaking of showpieces, there is a trend going on where couples laminate something that reminds them of their love and why they are together. What better thing to laminate and keep in your living area than your wedding card!
Excite Your Guests For The Wedding
If you have invited a person on your wedding day, it is very important for you that they should also be a part of your celebration. A picture of the couple in the wedding invitation will surely tickle their brain and would want to attend the wedding to give blessings to the happy couple.
The New Trend
Gone are the days when invitations were a mere formality. Nowadays from celebrities to people living next to you want to follow what is trendy. People go all out and spend gazillions on their wedding invitations. Well, we don’t want to be broke after the wedding so following a picture trend will also do the trick for you!
Sneak Peak To The Wedding Theme and Attire
If the theme is royalty, you do not want people to look basic. You want the wedding to look as if you are in Buckingham Palace and everyone around you are Dukes or Duchesses. So what would be a polite way of telling everyone to stick to the theme without saying it out loud? Easy! Show them how it's done. Click a picture with your Charming King/Queen and they will simply follow the theme.
You Only Live Once
If the above 9 reasons could not help you decide if you should add a picture to your invitation cards, this will. You deserve this day and your wedding happens only once. Do whatever makes you feel happy and extra. Create memories that you can pass down to your family and what better way than clicking some beautiful pictures!
While weddings can be fun, planning one is very hard. Picking a place, choosing the food menu, finalising the dresses and many more. This article will surely help in making sure that your wedding invitation would not be simply a basic invite but an expression of your love and bond. Say Cheese!
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