White Bridesmaid Dresses Won’t Steal Your Thunder

There’s always been a big debate about whether or not anyone but the bride can wear white to the wedding. While you might not want your guests to wear white, it’s perfectly acceptable to dress your bridesmaids in all white dresses. Why is this new trend making waves in the wedding world? Because, as the bride, you get to pick what your girls wear down your wedding aisle. Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian both chose to have their attendants rock the all-white look and we want you to know just how to choose some lovely white wedding wear for your big day.

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses you have so many options to choose from, no matter what your wedding style may be. If you want to stand out as the bride, simply put your bridal party in midi dresses. An Ivory Off-The-Shoulder Midi in tulle and lace is just the way to go when you want your bridesmaids to stand out. Of course, if you are going more understated and simple, the elegant Maxi Wrap Dress from Blushfashion is another option for the perfect white wedding wear.


Because bridesmaids can be unique in body type and shape, you may want to go with mismatching trends. For instance, white dresses in different styles can always be beautiful. Just be sure they are all the same shade of white or ivory. Matching separates are also a great way to let your girls shine, but not steal your bridal thunder.

Your bridesmaids can still be classy and formal or bohemian and romantic in something like the Bridal Ivory Lace Maxi Skirt. This skirt is versatile for weddings all year round and can be paired with a long sleeve lace top or lace tank top. You can even throw in some color with a Pearl Beaded Fabric Sash. If all else fails, you can always take a royal cue from Kate Middleton or Kim Kardashian and put your girls in matching Ivory Wrap Tulip Dresses - and really make a white wedding statement by giving them a simple, classic white bouquet of lilies to carry down the aisle.


Looking for style advice? Get in touch with Blushfashion and chat with designer Sheryll Raz Gold about your wedding dreams. She can help you pick out the perfect white bridesmaid dresses, handmade with love, for your perfect white wedding.

Kim Bridesmaids in white


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