The lace trend is eternal

Posted on January 16 2017

In the 15th century lace was associated with the aristocracy. Owning lace garments meant luxury, prestige, and wealth. Lace was usually combined with silk, gold, or silver thread. Today lace is mostly combined with cotton or synthetic fiber when made. 

 In those days the top quality lace was manually embroidered, and incorporated loops, knots or braiding in the design.  Most of the upper class women would enjoy taking part of weaving contests, and those women who could make lace were considered the most talented.


Lace continues to maintain importance in the world of fashion and style, and can be seen all over the runways these days. It is sure to be one of the hottest trends for 2017.

Part of its appeal, is the romantic and sexy aura of the garment itself, but it’s much more than that. Lace creates character within a design or look, so when creating looks involving lace it is important to stay simple. Lace has a natural hold over many women due to its luxurious feel, even in everyday outfits. 


When incorporating lace into your daily vibes, it’s important to not go overboard with too much lace. Stay balanced with subtle lace pieces as to not create chaos. 

Blushfashion has really drawn inspiration from the lace trend, and designed an entire collection of lace garments. The influences and inspirations have come from various sources that include -


Lace lingerie is classic, and has been for many years now. Mostly reserved for intimate moments, and rarely shown publicly. However, in our bold and daring modernized society it’s not uncommon to wear lace lingerie as everyday clothing. No more hiding your lingerie on the inside of your clothes, it’s their time to shine!


Tablecloths and drapes

Tablecloths styled in lace with a vintage feel are making a comeback, and adapting well to the current era. They are currently taking new shape with combinations of embroidery and delicate lace colors.

Many times black lace is associated with darkness, Gothic, and Gothic Century creatures such as Dracula and vampires. Inspiration comes from this as well! Use this Gothic feel, but use the black and elegance of the lace to create a sexy dramatic look. Try black lace dresses or tops, and combine with a red lip. Great for night time looks.


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